About SugarSlap

Well hello!

Sarah Bannoff

This pic makes it look like I live somewhere hot. I do not.

My name is Sarah. I put words on pictures. Sometimes I draw things. Badly. I work in health communications, which is super fun and interesting, and also gives me money so I can buy important stuff, like stickers and snowsuits and wine. I live in the fine city of Toronto in an igloo with a parrot named Ralph. Haha – just kidding. The parrot is named Paco. And it’s not so much an igloo, as an apartment. And the parrot is two cats called Tigerlily and Oberon.

You can follow me on Twitter @sarahmcb if you like.

Note: The opinions expressed on this blog are my own. Obviously. No sane organization would write this nonsense. My posts are not sponsored or endorsed by organizations or brands that I mention, unless explicitly stated.

Feel free to comment – but please be civil. I will delete comments that are spammy or disrespectful. Grumpy feedback is fine – just say it in a way your mom would approve of.

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