Shoe masochism: Why I will never give up stilettos

So I recently started experiencing a crampy kind of pain in my arches every once in a while. It’s only every few weeks, but it sucks big time when it pops up, so I decided to seek medical advice.

Me: I keep having random foot cramping in my arches. Do I have rickets or walking pneumonia or something?

Doctor: Do you wear high heels?

Me: Yes. But only like seven days a week. And never when I’m, you know, sleeping.

Doctor: Well there’s your problem.

Me: That’s crazy! I’ve been wearing stilettos daily for 10 years!

Doctor: You’re actually reinforcing my point.

Me: Right, well back to the matter at hand; how can I get rid of this cramping?

Doctor: Stop wearing heels.

Me: Hahhahahahaha. Yeah – this pencil skirt would look great with tennis shoes.

Doctor: [Stares at me.]

Me: Ohhhh. You’re serious. My bad. Ok, well that’s not going to happen. What are my surgical options?

At that point things degenerated into a rather long argument. Long story short, they won’t do surgery for occasional arch cramps that could be avoided with a simple, hideous footwear change. And I know what you’re thinking – but no, they won’t prescribe narcotic painkillers for it either. Shoe fascists.

Side note:  For the record, medical professionals do not appreciate being called ‘shoe fascists’.

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