Cooking classes are for chumps

Some people have that magic, spooky food sense where they can look into a fridge at random ingredients and be like “oh man – those beets, leftover marinara and squid sauce would make an amazing dinner!” And then it turns out awesome.

I’m not one of those people. I once tried to make seafood chowder. It did not go well.

Me: Dinner’s ready!
Hapless Dinner Companion: Wow…uh…what is it?
Me: Try it and see!
HDC: [Gingerly sips. Flinches. Swallows, with effort.]…It’s some kid of soup, right?

Long story short, it tasted like five evil clams and a handful of beetles fell in a pot of salty dishwater and died. Four weeks ago.

So I’m starting a cooking class in a week. I’m hoping they will teach core skills like:
– Making food people will actually want to eat – without having to get them drunk on wine first!
– How to not burn yourself on your oven
– Using a knife in a way that doesn’t make your sister scream “YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE AN EYE!!!”

At the very least I’ll have some badass steel-toed oxfords at the end of it all.

One thought on “Cooking classes are for chumps

  1. Nice! I’m experimenting with making peach jam in the slowcooker right now! I’m hoping that the recipe I used as inspiration will work out with eyeball and pour things into the pot cooking method.


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