Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day is upon us and it’s about to get rowdy up here. Rowdy for Canada, anyway. We are generally a pretty orderly bunch.

Once a year our nation’s capital goes from being one of the most stodgy, conservative cities on the planet (sorry Ottawa – you know it’s true) to an all-out, insane street party that spans the entire downtown core. The prim librarian takes off her glasses, shakes out her ponytail and maaaan – turns out she’s got some moves!

Strangers clothed in Canada flag capes hug you. Random hipsters stumble out of barbeques and drag you into their parties. It’s like the debauched love child of Cinco de Mayo and every frat party in the universe.

Awwww yeeeahhhh. Happy birthday, Canada.

Vintage beach party off the hook



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