On Pinterest

Pinterest. Oh to the em to the ef to the gee. Although the name ‘Pinterest’ does cleverly capture what’s going on there, it could easily be renamed ‘The Aspirational Graveyard’ (“I’m toooootally going to make this 5-tiered peacock cake!”) or ‘Brides Gone Batsh*t Crazy’.

Things I’ve learned in my brief time on Pinterest:

1) 98% of comments about food are “Yum!!” Great insight. I am beginning to suspect most people are imbeciles.

2) Never follow a person – only boards. Because they’ll get engaged and then – WHAM! Your entire feed is instantly clogged with 87 million photos of wedding dresses and inane comments. “Soooooo preeeettttyyyy!” You know what? It’s not. You’d look like a ham in a giant sequined doily.

In related news, the word ‘doily’ is underused.

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