Vodka from France and Sad Kittens

I saw a display of Whipped Cream Vodka at the liquor store today. Obviously I had to buy it, even though the idea of a clear dairy-flavoured beverage is slightly disturbed. Also I do not drink flavoured vodka. But these things did not seem important at the time.

So I called my sister so she could share my excitement.

Me: I just bought whipped cream flavoured vodka
Alexis: Ok – gross.
Me: It’s from France!
Alexis: Being French does NOT make this not disgusting.
Me: It clearly does. France, Alexis. FRANCE. The land of classy things. When was the last time you had something from France you did not like?

She judges now, but she will fully drink the whipped-cream vodka & rootbeer schnapps martinis I make.

Moving on. Here is a picture of some kittens talking about their feelings.

kittens reality tv sad





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